San Ramon Adult Lessons

San Ramon Swim School Adult Lessons

San Ramon Swim School is proud to offer group as well as private adult lessons. Whether your goal is to be water safe or improve your strokes, we can help you get there!

Our Teaching Philosophy
San Ramon Swim School promotes life-long fitness, healthy habits and safer families. Knowing how to swim properly at any age builds a foundation for a long and healthy life. San Ramon Swim School works with adults to develop proper technique through focused learning hands-on in water instruction.

Our Commitment to Safety
Our number one priority at San Ramon Swim and Sport is safety in and around the pool, including safety in lessons, water quality, lifeguarding and emergency preparedness. Each instructor is trained in making each lesson a safe and fun environment. All our lifeguards are certified, trained and audited to the highest standards set by the American Red Cross and YMCA. San Ramon Swim and Sport has retained the services of a leading environmental health and safety firm to guide our company to safer practices for our customers, staff and community.

SRSS Adult Levels

Adults come to swimming at many different levels. We are proud to welcome adults entering at any level and work with you to reach your swim goals

Adult Beginner
Goal: 15 yards of Freestyle; comfortable floating in a prone and supine position; can comfortably glide in a streamline position; demonstrates propulsive straight leg flutter kick; and can tread water for 30 seconds.

Adult Intermediate
Goal: 50 yards of Freestyle, 25 yards of Backstroke, propulsive Breaststroke and Butterfly kicks; comfortable Freestyle for 50 yards with side breaths, straight leg kicks and proper body position; comfortable Backstroke for 25 yards with straight arms, proper body position, straight kicks; Breaststroke kick with knees inside of heels on whip action kick, ankles flexed, propulsive result; beginning dolphin kick with both legs undulating simultaneously resulting in forward propulsion.

Adult Advanced
Goal: 100 yards of Freestyle, 50 yards of Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly, prepared for Menlo Masters; Bi-lateral breathing, strong flutter kids, and proper sculling for 100 yards of Freestyle; Proper body position, propulsive kicks, streamlined body and proper arm strokes for all four strokes.

Schedule & Registration

Weekly Lessons
Weekly lessons are the optimum method for maintaining the focus of developing as a swimmer on a year-round basis. To learn a complex skill, and to master the physical movement patterns, consistent and continual practice is necessary. Weekly lessons allow families to understand the aquatics is a year-round sport/activity and that the joys of aquatics and developing as a swimmer does not only have to be limited to the summer months. We promote keeping aquatics and swim school in the weekly family schedule much like a family would a sports team or music lessons. We also offer the opportunity to have concentrated daily lessons over the course of a week during the summer months.

Group lessons are 45 minutes in length with a student to teacher ratio of 3:1

Participants may begin registering starting on April 24th. Residents may register online, by phone or in person and Non-Residents by phone or in person only. For any questions regarding registration or the registration process please feel free to call us at 925-973-3241 or email us at


Perpetual Lessons:
Resident Group Adult Lessons: $26/lesson
Non Resident Group Adult Lessons: $32/lesson
Summer Session Lessons:
Resident: $130/week
Non-Resident: $160/week